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'Docwra' triple lantern (triunial or triple lantern, W.C. Hughes, 1888)

Type of hardwaretriunial or triple lantern Docwra' triple lantern, 1888
Woodcut illustration from W.C. Hughes' advert in OMLJ, 1889.
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designer: DOCWRA, Colin  (1855-1942)

owner: SAMBRIDGE, R.J.  (1861-1918), in/after 1899

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manufacturer: W.C. Hughes

Nation of originEngland
Date of first manufacture1888
Dimensionslength 24 inches (61 cm); width 13.5 inches (34.3 cm); height 42 inches (106.7 cm)

(all dimensions are nominal; individual examples may have varied slightly from these values).

Material(s)wood / metal / glass
Productionproduced in quantity
Original retail priceunknown
(* = main subject)

Walter D. Welford and Henry Sturmey (compilers), The 'indispensable handbook' to the optical lantern: a complete cyclopaedia on the subject of optical lanterns, slides, and accessory apparatus (London: Iliffe & Son, 1888), p. 104

“Details.— Polished mahogany body with mouldings and inlaid panels of walnut; very massive brass fronts; centre lantern is arranged to drop, to secure coincidence of discs when shown from an elevated position; lantern stands 3ft. 6in. high on a base 24in. x 13½in.; large diameter long focus objectives. The lining of Russian iron is kept entirely independent of the wood, with clear air space for ventilation. The back fittings, together with the dissolvers, are connected with brass. Special chamber or mixed jets.
[...] This is the lantern which gained the medal at the recent Crystal Palace Exhibition. It was designed by Mr. Collin Dockwra, and made by Mr. Hughes. A feature of it is the size of objective, and the plain brass tubes instead of the usual telescopic. Prices may be obtained on application.”

‘ An Expert’ (comp. David Henry), The Docwra triple in NMLJ 3.3 (October 1985)

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