'Grand' triple lantern (triunial or triple lantern, W.C. Hughes, 1880s)

Type of hardwaretriunial or triple lantern Grand' triple lantern, 1880s
Woodcut illustration from The indispensable handbook..., 1888.
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manufacturer: W.C. Hughes

Nation of originEngland
Date of first manufacture1880s  (latest possible: 1888)


Material(s)wood / metal / glass
Productionproduced in quantity
Original retail price105 in 1888
(* = main subject)

Walter D. Welford and Henry Sturmey (compilers), The 'indispensable handbook' to the optical lantern: a complete cyclopaedia on the subject of optical lanterns, slides, and accessory apparatus (London: Iliffe & Son, 1888), pp. 100-101

“This is probably the highest-priced triple in our book, but it is one upon which the resources of the optician and manufacturer have alike been concentrated.- It is got up, to quote a hackneyed phrase, 'regardless of expense.' Brass and mahogany in conjunction, lavishly used, make the Grand Triple something to look at, something to ponder over. And as in outside appearance so in working capabilities, the main object being to produce the best possible results in the most reliable and at the same time the most easily manipulated manner. The description probably speaks sufficiently for itself, and we can add only a general opinion that a finer apparatus will not be found.”

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