Lucerna Magic Lantern Web Resource: About us

Ownership and responsibility

The LUCERNA Magic Lantern Web Resource is owned and operated by Lucerna Magic Lantern Web Resource Community Interest Company (‘Lucerna CIC’), a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and registered in the United Kingdom (registration no. 10475185).

You can contact Lucerna CIC by email using the Contact us links from the Lucerna website or by writing to:

  • Lucerna Magic Lantern Web Resource CIC
  • 17 Dean Street
  • Exeter EX2 4HH
  • U.K.

Our website is generously hosted for us at Universitšt Trier, Germany, but the content of the site and its supporting database is entirely the responsibility of Lucerna CIC.


Unless otherwise indicated as the copyright of another person or organisation (for example, digital images which we use under licence from their copyright owner), the content and design of the Lucerna Magic Lantern Web Resource are copyright ©2006‑2018 Lucerna Magic Lantern Web Resource CIC.

However all items which are copyright of Lucerna CIC are made available free of charge for any legal and non-commercial purpose, in the spirit of the Creative Commons licence. Except for commercial use you may use any information or images you find in Lucerna, but we do ask that you acknowledge the source using the form of citation suggested at the bottom of each Lucerna record.

For enquiries about commercial use, including the possibility of access to higher-resolution copies of the images in Lucerna, please Contact us.


A small proportion of records in the Lucerna database contain words or images that may be racially or otherwise offensive. They are included here as historical reproductions from a different period with different standards, and do not indicate any support or approval of such attitudes by Lucerna CIC or any associated individuals or organisations.